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Letters: Yahya Jammeh and the agreement

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Dear editor,

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The conversation between Yahya Jammeh and his APRC collaborators about the so-called agreement must be well understood by our citizens so that no one is misled.

This agreement is not between The Gambia Government and the UN, ECOWAS and AU. It is not even between Yahya Jammeh and these entities. Rather this agreement is between only these three bodies: ECOWAS, AU and UN! Finish.

The agreement is only about how these three entities will work among themselves to engage The Gambia Government to ensure that the rights of Yahya Jammeh are respected and protected. This is a basic and obvious objective for any civilized organization especially given the circumstances at the time.

The agreement recognized that Yahya Jammeh voluntarily decided to temporarily leave The Gambia in order to ensure that a peaceful transfer of power to take place. It then also recognized that Yahya Jammeh has a right to return to The Gambia. Again this is basic and obvious in view of the fact that the Gambian constitution and international law guarantees the right to return home for every human being.

Furthermore the agreement between these three entities stated that they will work together in engaging The Gambia Government to ensure that nothing unlawful is done against Yahya Jammeh, his family members, Cabinet ministers and party members.

The agreement was signed between these three entities as a statement of intent which is why there was no single signature on the agreement. Hence this agreement is not binding on The Gambia Government at all.

Therefore if APRC and Yahya Jammeh has read and understood this agreement well enough they should have realized that they should instead direct their demand and demonstration toward the UN, AU and ECOWAS.
But directing their demand to The Gambia Government is utterly useless and wrong.

If anything they must commend The Gambia Government for continuing to respect and protect the rights and privileges of Yahya Jammeh and his family members and APRC. Since 2017 the Barrow Government has not denied any rights to Yahya, his family, his Cabinet ministers and APRC or made any unlawful action against Yahya and APRC.

For example, when Yahya Jammeh’s mother passed away the Government respectfully allowed her body to return home for a fitting burial. Right we even see how Barrow poached many Yahya Jammeh ministers into his Cabinet not to mention rewarding APRC officials with many other senior positions in his Government and BYM.

Therefore let Yahya Jammeh be honest to his party members and stop misleading himself and APRC. Yahya knows that he was not even part of this agreement therefore why claim that agreement as if it was yours!

My fellow citizens, find below the agreement for your perusal and understanding.

Please read the words carefully. Study every provision very carefully. Pay attention to the language so that you understand that there’s nothing in this agreement for The Gambia Government.

Thus let Yahya and APRC run to the UN, ECOWAS and AU to ask them what they have been doing since 21 January 2017 when they signed the agreement.

Madi Jobarteh

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