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Letters to the Editor

A nation in need of firm leadership
Dear editor,

Our local politicians are unraveling their true colors to Gambians. It is becoming clearer that the promise to expose Jammeh’s barbarity and seeking swift and fair justice for his many victims were simply used as cheap political mean to get elected; these victims are left on their own and their plight championed only by diaporans and few local activists.

The government that is elected to expeditiously fulfill a key campaign pledge is frustratingly slow in making good on it, shattering hopes for justice and creating ground for vengeance and disruption of peace. Our society and any society that is not keen on dispensing justice for heinous crimes cannot possibly sustain law and order.

APRC militants are exploiting our government’s misplaced policies to provoke and agitate traumatized citizens and communities in the guise of democracy and freedom of assembly.
But this political cult which aided and abetted the worst human rights violations and economic crimes in our history is not the only one testing and/or benefiting from the chaotic, disorderly and ineffective national security and legal direction and coordination of the Barrow administration. Armed robbers and petty thieves are roaming around carefully targeting their victims and disappear without trace – elevating fear, anxiety and insecurity in the population.

President Barrow must show leadership by being assertive, proactive and engaging. The well being, protection, safety and security of Gambians fall under his responsibilities and if he fails to do that, history will not be that kind to him… Surrounding himself with people who are there for the glamour of power, privilege and influence as was the case in the Jammeh administration will be very dangerous for our country..


Zakaria Kemo Konteh
Queens, USA

Spending on Senegalese artist
Dear editor,

In as much as we are Senegambian (Senegal and Gambia), always spending millions of dalasis on Senegalese artist while priority areas such health, education, infrastructure, economy among other issues lack considerable attention, should maybe make us Gambians think twice.

Look at our people getting distracted. The amount of entertainments expenditure before Christmas and now entering the New Year is indeed alarming. Gambians especially our young need quality education and opportunities to uplift themselves and their families out of poverty.

People, it is time to rethink development. Even if a private company invites a foreign artist like Youssour N’Dour. It is sad to see our national television (Facebook live) covering Youssour’s event live. Instead you have Senegalese televisions all busy covering/discussing salient national priority news. Tune in to his (Youssour) Senegalese television now and you will see a very educative program playing.

Imagine there are so many things to cover instead. Just imagine The Gambia is fresh from 22 years of brutal autocratic experience and over 52 years of non democratic change of government through the ballot box. Now you have a foreign artist superseding our national priorities. All roads were closed around traffic light on Sunday and indeed our freedom of movement shuttled for entertainment.

People, we need to join efforts to pressure our government to be more responsible to us as citizens. If you need entertainment then let’s develop our music industry not on reckless entertainment expenses. Egregious!

Jimmy Hendry Nzally

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