Local Government Elections


The campaign for the local government elections officially began yesterday, March 21st, 2018. We have seen an unprecedented number of aspirants wishing to contest for the mayoral and councillorship positions this year. This shows that more and more people are now interested in taking part in politics so as to move the development of the country ahead.

Now, the large number of candidates brings both advantages and disadvantages for the elections. The advantage is that it will give voters more choices and a better chance to vote for the right and most capable candidate for the job. If they are able to get the right candidate(s), it will be a plus for their wards as they will work hard to bring development to their communities.

The disadvantage is that the competition may push some candidates to do any, and all things to ensure that they are voted into office. That is where the problem lies. It will not augur well if because of the competition they revert to insults and dirty politics. It will be good for all candidates and their supporters to remember that elections come and go but the Gambia remains.


All of us – Gambians – want the same thing: a better and more prosperous Gambia. We may differ in the ways we want to attain that goal but if we remember that the aim is the same, we will be able to bury our differences and put our efforts together so that we can reach the ‘Promised Land’ as soon as possible. After all, we will have to live together after the elections in this country. So, we must avoid anything that can jeopardise the peace and stability of the nation!