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MAJaC awards 40 after completing training on democracy and good governance

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By Aminata S Kuyateh

The Media Academy for Journalism and Communication (MAJaC) in partnership with the US Embassy the Gambia has Friday celebrated a momentous achievement by awarding 40 participants who successfully completed the intensive training program under the project titled “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Media for Improved Democracy and Good Governance”.

The award ceremony was preceded by three months training for 20 civil society organisations members  on proactive advocacy and four months training for 20 community radio journalists on Interactive Radio Programming.

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The project worth $15,000 was earmarked to equip the CSOs and media to become practical ambassadors of enhancing good governance and improving the democratization process of The Gambia.

The project is also aimed at bolstering the democratic fabric of The Gambia, recognizes the critical role of media professionals and civil society actors in promoting transparency, accountability, and participatory governance.

The awards ceremony, held at NaNA,  brought together a diverse group of journalists, civil society representatives, media practitioners, and stakeholders from various parts of the country.

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The initiative highlights the essential role that a free and independent media, alongside vibrant civil society organizations, plays in nurturing a democratic environment.

During the ceremony, James Badjie, director of programming at MAJaC, lauded the participants for their commitment and resilience. “Today, we celebrate not just the completion of a training program, but the beginning of a new chapter in the pursuit of democracy and good governance in our nation”.

Mr. Badjie stated that the skills and knowledge they have acquired will empower them to be catalysts for change in their various communities and beyond. He said their contributions will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of The Gambia, ensuring that democratic values remain at the forefront of national development. He urged the graduates to take the lesson learned and skill acquired into action.

Mr. Badjie expressed gratitude to their project coordinators and the US Embassy the Gambia for their unwavering support and commitment for making this training a success. Additionally, he urged the graduates to take the lesson learned and skill acquired into action and to uphold the principles of democracy in all they do.

Public affairs officer at the US Embassy, Susan Solomon emphasized the importance of continued support for such initiatives. “Empowering the media and civil society is critical for the sustainability of democratic gains. The US Embassy is proud to support MAJaC in this noble endeavor and look forward to seeing the positive impact of this project on The Gambia’s democratic journey.”

Participant Abdourahman Jallow expressed gratitude to MAJaC management, staff and partners for their dedication and unwavering support.

“Your expertise, passion and commitment in enhancing our community’s media landscape have provided us with invaluable tools and insights. Your guidance has been our compass, steering us towards excellence and deeper understanding of good governance and democracy”.

Mr Jallow urged his fellow graduates: “As we move forward, let us carry the lesson learned and the values we have embraced into our professional lives, let us continue to strive for excellence, to champion the cause of governance.”

As The Gambia continues to navigate its democratic transition, initiatives like this are crucial in building a resilient and informed society. The success of the MAJaC training program underscores the potential for media and civil society to drive positive change and highlights the ongoing need for investment in capacity-building efforts.

The newly awarded cohort stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and collaboration in strengthening democracy and good governance in the country.

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