Man, 52, sentenced to 15yrs in jail for raping 10-year-old


Aisha Tamba

Ebrima Jassey, 52, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping a 10-year-old girl.

Jassey was charged in July 2018 with indecent assault and rape, which he denied.


Testifying in court, the survivor revealed that she is a student and wants to be a doctor in the future. She is now 13 years old.

About the incident in 2018, she said whiles going to the stop, Ebrima asked her to buy along a candle for him.  She said when she brought the candle, he pulled her into his house, put her on the bed and raped her.

She said when she told him to stop because her father will beat her up, Ebrima replied that “something was to come out and after that, he will leave her.”

She said when Ebrima let her go, as she came out of the house, the landlady caught her, beat her up and then took her to her father’s house. She said the landlady is now deceased.

She said when her father took her to Ebrima’s house upon reporting the rape incident to him, Ebrima wanted to call the police on him who said there was no need for it and retreated.

She said Ebrima called the police anyway and she was taken to the hospital where a medical examination was conducted on her and the report was given.

She stated that for three days after the incident, she could not walk. She was sitting at one place and that what happened to her really hurt.

She said she does not live in the same house as Ebrima but she only goes there to play with her friends. She said Ebrima usually sends her on errands but she does not deliver them in his room, he would usually stand at the door and collect items.

Her mother also said the incident really affected her daughter as she used to be a very active and happy girl but since the rape, she has been sad and shy.

In her sentencing, Justice A N Mboob said even though the convict is a first-time offender, rapists like him have no place in society.

“This is very serious and gruesome. This act is unforgivable,” the judge said.

He was however not found guilty of indecent assault.