MansaKonko Area Council launches 3 projects


Press release

In fulfillment of its development obligations to the people of Lower River Region, Mansakonko Area Council recently launched three projects at Pakalinding Youth Centre. The projects are Chairman’s inter-ward football championship, the education and schrlarship trust fund, and the formulation of grants to ward projects.
The chief executive officer, CEO, of the Council Mr. Pa Sait Ceesay said the occasion was another important day in the history of Mansakonko Area Council.

He went on to outline the three projects saying that the education trust fund is set up to help provide educational opportunities for well deserving intelligent students across the LRR. He further said the account for the funds will be an independent account that will be managed by the board, and not the Council, but the council will monitor their activities. As for the Chairman’s trophy, Ceesay said this is an initiative taken by the chairman himself and the tournament will feature all the 12 wards of MKAC LGA. He said under the third project, Ward grants, some D400, 000 will be distributed among councilors for micro projects.


The chairman of the Council Mr. Landing B. Sanneh, thanked partners for attending the ceremony.
He disclosed that his team is very courageous and wants to transform MKAC to be the best council in the country.

Sanneh presented a check of D100, 000 as opening balance of the trust fund and scholarship scheme account as the first deposit. He finally thanked colleagues for sparing their time for the program.
Individuals or institutions wishing to donate to the scheme can do so in this trust fund account at GT Bank 603631110.