My mathematical illustration of J22 by the same noisy Gambians!



Dear editor,

It will be an understatement to say that Gambia is made up of funny but by majority phony people.


J22 ’94 was a Coup with the constant “Illegal” but there was a “progression” APRC from demands by “Q” which is the so called elders.


Today; we have an “X” which represents the professors of criminology that only knew the “constant” of J22 recently but not when they were for years been in the mid of school children on the returns of the day dancing and shouting because it was oily then despite it been public holidays in which they could have sat at home in support of their claims.


And the “Y” is the combination of all those that sponsored, supported and hailed other coups and coupists and their reinstatement, within and out of The Gambia accordingly.


The “mode” of all the noise is hypocrisy while the “mean” is hatred towards a single person with extended displacement to a greater group despite still eating from some remaining bowls of the hated.

The “median” is the social media propaganda/government and the “range” is the difference between the results of the online and offline promotions.


The “regression” intended by the promotion officers and their allies therefore is the silencing and by far disappearance of the “progression” forgetting that the latter is raised to the power legal plus constitutional.

The “standard deviation” is thus the “square root” of “x-y” which represents those genuine few that sticked with the “constant” about J22 from ’94 to date.


However, some of the “x-y” are comically saying that the coups of Jammeh and Sankarah cannot be compared may be because the latter died early but “we” bothered not to know the cause in order to connect the dots and worried not how he could have been labelled if he did stay longer.


The conclusion therefore is “Z” which is the union of the effects of intellectual dishonesty and ignorance.

What should we expect, “Dictatorship? No!”


PS: I chose to belong to the “P” group which is blind in seeing the person standing but good in thought by befriending the truth.

Muhammed Teks Tekanyi