Separating the wheat from the chaff


In light if the revelations coming from the leaked audio of a conversation between Lawyer Sheriff Tambedu [who has rightly recused himself from the case] and Mrs Ndoura Jawara Badjie, it has become apparent that there are people in your government who are still sympathetic to the previous regime. It was revealed in that audio that some officers at the National Intelligence Agency [which was headed by Yankuba Badjie] are giving information to Mrs Badjie purporting to say that no evidence will be found. Are they implying that they will bury or destroy the evidence?

Similarly, one observes that there are many who were in the previous regime and are gradually edging into your government. These people will do anything for position. These were the people who ignored their conscience and worked with the former president to suppress, repress and oppress the people of the Gambia. These were the people who stood in solidarity with the former regime when they tried to subvert the will of the Gambian people. What can we expect to gain from such unscrupulous people?

All they have is a sweet tongue! Shun them!
Mr President, you have a clear mandate from the Gambian people. We wholeheartedly entrusted you with the affairs of the state. We authorized you to run our government the way you deem fit. You have all the powers that you need to succeed. You are not under any obligation to appoint anybody, particularly those whoserved in high places in the former regime. They colluded with others to visit the population with untold suffering and now they want to destroy your government from within as well. Do not let them.


A proper and thorough combing should be undertaken to ensure that anyone who has sympathies with the former regime is given the sack. It doesn’t matter how many of them you sack, there are many people who have the ability, expertise but most importantly, the integrity to replace them.

Let us start with the NIA. These people are intelligence officials and have the ability to unearth or bury or even manufacture dangerous and damaging information. So if we have some unscrupulous individuals in the NIA, only Allah knows the damage they can cause.
We must separate the wheat from the chaff. Let’s use a fine comb to weed that place and restructure it; or if necessary, close it down!