Media free under President Barrow but…


By Omar Bah

Veteran journalist Pap Saine and country representative of global journalists association Reporter San Frontier RSF, has said though the media is now enjoying freedom under the new administration in The Gambia there are still numerous challenges that need to be addressed.
RSF had been at the forefront in exposing and condemning the former President Jammeh’s atrocities against the media.

Speaking to journalists at his home shortly after returning from France where he attended an RSF forum for its correspondents, Mr Saine said the general situation of the Gambia’s image toward respect for the media has changed a lot positively and he too stressed that point at the meeting but the government should start committing itself to the promises they made during their campaign among which is to abolish the draconian media laws put in place by former President Jammeh.


He also recommended that the Gambia and the English speaking countries in Africa follow the footsteps of their francophone counterparts by providing subvention for the media and as well work closely with it to enhance democracy. Mr Saine also called on media practitioners to discharge their duties responsibly and without bias.

Mr Saine said the meeting of RSF recommended their top brass to meet the leaders of countries where media freedom is suppressed and to see how those countries will ensure that press freedom is respected.