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Minister Bojang highlights importance of Operation Clean the Nation

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The volunteers included GRTS staff, military personnel from Fajara Barrack, Mansuwanka Society, Balanta Society, Ariffo Society, Banjul Mandingo Society, Sierra Leone APC Gambia branch, and Bakau Wassulung Patriots for Peace and Sustainable Development.

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“The GRTS is a national asset, which belongs to everybody; therefore, we are not coming here for the GRTS, but for ourselves,” Mr Bojang said.  

He added: “This Operation Clean the Nation was initiated by President Jammeh. We should join hands with him in this crusade because it’s all about improving our health. In order for any meaningful development to take place, people must first have good health. We should not only clean the GRTS, but also clean our surroundings as well. Everybody should promote and contribute their quota to the national development effort of the government.”

Mr Kebba Dibba, the director general of GRTS, also underscored the importance of the exercise. He said: “A healthy nation is a wealthy nation; a healthy person perhaps is a wealthy person as well. This monthly cleaning exercise has been going on. So, there is nothing new about it or about the concept. I think we have just taken it to another level.”

A volunteer, Lamin A Bojang of Bakau Wassulung Patriots for Peace and Sustainable Development, said: “The GRTS belongs to the whole nation, so it is our collective responsibility to come around and make sure we do the ‘setsetal’.

“We’ve realised that the programmes that the journalists are running are very educative and helpful. Besides, this is a government department. When you say government you talk about the people.”

Muhammed Dumbuya, also a volunteer and chairman of Sierra Leone APC Gambia branch, said: “We are participating in this exercise because we believe that GRTS is doing a wonderful job in the country. Gambia and Sierra Leone are brothers.” 


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