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MoFA holds public lecture on Gambia’s foreign policy


BANJUL, 24 October 2022: The Diaspora and Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad on Friday, 21st October 2022 held a Public Lecture on “Gambia’s foreign policy, at a challenging global political scene” for the staff of the Ministry.

The public lecture, which provided MoFA staff the platform to interact and share best practices and success stories was led by Mr. Amat Jeng, a renowned Gambian-Swedish who holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, and a double master’s degree in Political Science, and International Humanitarian Studies. Mr. Jeng availed the participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with issues including;

1.         Factors that influence foreign policy

2.         What shapes the foreign policy of small states like The Gambia

3.         How does diaspora and non-state actors shape foreign policy

4.         With the inevitable rise of China, what are the dynamics shaping China’s foreign policy towards Africa, Gambia in particular

5.         Dynamics that will shape the world in post-Ukraine war

6.         Have we reached the demise of a bipolar world

7.         How can small states like The Gambia navigate through a multipolar world

8.         Can international organizations replace the nation-state

9.         What is the future of diplomacy in an increasingly polarized world

The Permanent Secretary and Head of Diplomatic Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad, Ambassador Lang Yabou on behalf of the Hon. Minister commended Mr. Amat Jeng for the top-notch lecture facilitated by the Diaspora and Migration Directorate. Ambassador Yabou said the knowledge sharing session was a very interesting one, especially discussing about Patriotism and Nationalism. “Nationalism is everything, love for one’s country is everything,” posited Ambassador Yabou.

He said listening to the presentation, he was impressed with the topics that were discussed and urged the Director of Diaspora and Migration of the Ministry, Mr. Musa Camara to organise more of its kind.

The Director of Diaspora and Migration, Mr. Musa Camara who facilitated the public lecture, also thanked Mr. Jeng and promised to bring more experts, professors and practitioners amongst the Gambian Diaspora in a bid to tapping their expertise for our young diplomats. He further reiterated that Ministries should be institutions of learning, touching base with new knowledge, emerging concepts and current discourses and MoFA cannot afford to lack behind in this endeavour.

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