Mr President, Mai Fatty is looking for a position in your government


Dear Editor,

We keep advising the opposition politicians to avoid personal hate and jealousy in. So now Mai Fatty who served as minister for the interior and an adviser to the president only to resign without purpose to continue being in opposition to the president, has admitted his failure. Apparently he is now trying to seduce the president to give him another job opportunity in the new government.

We are reminding the president that there are a lot of NPP supporters who have struggled for the past five years without any job. So Mr President, you need to take that into consideration in order to avoid losing your true supporters. For the opposition, local government elections are ahead. Take your chances.


Mr president, you need to be very careful with those opposition politicians. They are not good friends to you. All what they want is to mislead and corrupt your government. What I am saying is very clear as they are not strangers to you.

They are not honest and you should ignore them and continue to consider your own supporters for positions in your government. That’s all.

 Alieu Touray


Re: Barrow’s ex-driver wants to be appointed trade minister

Dear Editor,

This Mansa Sumareh and the former vice president Isatou Touray should just do themselves a favour and disappear. First, Mansa Sumareh declared his interest to be the chairman of Brikama Area Council. Now he told The Standard he wants to be the minister of trade.

When this man was hired and given a mere car to manage at State House, he failed and instead stole money from the president. Who will entrust this man to be even a village faalifo (distributor-cum-messenger)? He will change the message that he is sent to deliver.

Lamin Sonko


Mansa Sumareh, you need to go for a check-up at Tanka Tanka

Dear Editor,

What is wrong with these sacked people? We have not finished digesting the episode of former Veep ‘Rabbi Sindi Helman’ and now the former chief driver at State House has come up with another crazy episode. Mansa Sumareh, please note that being the minister of trade is not the same as owning a stall in Serekunda or Brikama markets. I think you should take up residency at the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital.

Modou Drammeh


Mansa Sumareh would do better than the ex-defence minister

Dear Editor,

Try hard as he might, Mansa Sumareh wouldn’t do worse than the former defence minister who signed the so-called “hot-pursuit” agreement allowing Senegalese military and security personnel to enter The Gambia and arrest people and take them back to Senegal. Sometimes even shooting them with guns and torturing them in detention. What crime can be more heinous than that?

Yus Sonko


Re: Former VP wants rejected draft constitution brought back

Dear Editor

This is hypocrisy at its highest! What efforts have Isatou Touray done or contributed at the material time, as the second highest ranking person in the nation, to ensure the passage of the draft constitution which she now glowing praises?

If the constitution empowers women as you are now claiming, why didn’t the president and his close allies (including your good self) ignore personal interest and consider the interest of the entire nation? Sometimes I wonder if we as true and patriotic citizens of this great and innocent nation have Allah in our hearts though we are constantly exalting and singing His Names? No one can fool Gambians any longer. Yahya Jammeh’s regime has taught us a lot. Allah The Most High and Powerful won’t allow a repeat of that in this country.

For a million years to come, Gambians will never forgive you people as you were part of those who empowered and supported the rejection of the draft constitution.

Bubacarr Darboe


Re: Pura DG on high Internet tariffs

Dear Editor,

Well I am not the least impressed by Pura, so far. I used 1.5gig for three days maximum costing me D259 and how many more should I buy before the end of month for Internet?

Cross-network at D3 is very high.

Why can’t we have a flat amount monthly prepaid for direct calls, say D1,000 unlimited calls, D1,500 unlimited for cross-network and D2,500 monthly  for both cross, and non-cross network plus Internet?

But now you pay D1,800 for 1MB for Internet for Africell, D1,900 for QCcell then you buy separate credit  for calls. It’s just too expensive. I used to live near the border with Senegal where for just CFA2,000 (which is about D200), you get unlimited Internet including YouTube per month.

So definitely Internet cost is way higher in The Gambia compared to Senegal.

Dallas, Texas