Mufti Menk urges Gambians to safeguard peace


Mufti menk 1

By Juldeh Njie

Renowned Islamic scholar and preacher, Mufti Ismail Menk has called on Gambians to protect the prevailing peaceful environment of the country no matter what.
Addressing thousands at the Independence Stadium in Bakau on Saturday on the topic respecting differences, Mufti Menk said: “I call on you never to compromise the peace and security Allah has blessed you with in this country of yours, never. No matter what don’t harm each other, abuse each other, hurt each other. Respect each other, you are part of a few families”.
He said if any nation that wants to be rich in terms of resources, it needs peace, stability and security otherwise it is not going to grow.


“Don’t create disaster. We are no longer in Jahiliyyah. You know what is Jahiliyyah? Ignorance. When one wants to marry from the north, the people of south say no they are from the north, therefore you are never going to marry. Forget about that, that is not Islam”, he added.
He said people should not be discriminated base on their tribe, race or gender.
“We cannot tolerate the person who is different from us, that’s why we are failing,” he said.