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Music Awards: Was ST disappointed?

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Prior to the event, he told journalists: “I don’t know how it’s going to be, but I won’t be surprised if I win the best artist of the year. I did more shows than any other artiste. So, I think I will get the best song of the year as well.”

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However, as it turned out, he won the latter, prompting him to take to social media. 

“You have to be sleeping in 2014 to deny that ST is the sensation,” he wrote on Facebook. 

He added: “I am not really angry, but I think it’s unfair… I crisscrossed the entire country in 2014. Schools, organisations, football clubs, promoters and individuals used my services to raise fund not because they know me but because 2014 called for it.

“I had multiple shows in Senegal, because they wanted to see and feel me. We even turned down lot of shows because we couldn’t agree financially. I conquered all major shows including Open Mic 2013, FILA Anniversaries and Open Mic 2014 as well. I am one of those artists that have no interest in calling myself a KING or BEST artiste but don’t use me to DISCREDIT me. Do not mistake my silence for weakness. I have no personal feelings against any one winner and will take this opportunity to congratulate them all. But I have a big problem with the organisers, judges or whatever they call themselves.”


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