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NAMs ratify 2014-2023 education policy

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The document which was presented to the lawmakers by the Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology also seeks to ward off challenges, intricacies and other problems inherent in a dynamic global environment.  

Dr Abubacarr Senghore, while presenting the document stated: “In the thick jungle of this increasingly dynamic and hostile global environment, the need is most pressing to formulate coherent and robust sector polices and plans to respond adequately to all the attendant challenges, intricacies and other problems embedded in globalisation. It is also meant to complement existing national instruments and frameworks that are drafted to generate specific outcomes that are specific to both national and global context. Also most importantly in the midst of ongoing reform, there is need to regulate the sector, the formulation of a policy is very timely. Guided by these principles, the higher education policy is intended to project the sanctum of higher education in national development and nation-building. It will also impart in various significant ways on the indelible and much-expected contribution of the Gambian higher and tertiary education sector to the transformation of the country into a skill-based economy and knowledge society.

“The policy development process of this document started in 2010 and through the following folds: development of a roadmap for the process, stakeholders’ consultative workshop to identify the key areas of the policy, review of the various tertiary and higher education policies across the world, the regional concentration on consensus, writing sessions, review of drafts, drafting of the policy, submission of the draft to the cabinet and finally, submission to the national assembly for approval.”


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