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National debate

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By Musa Bah

It is no secret that you inherited a government in shambles. I do not envy you for, the problems are so many and so varied that trying to solve them is as complex as the problems themselves. Where do you start, for instance? Some will say the economy, others education, yet others will want you to talk about security.


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If you start with any of the above, the people with different views will see it as too little too slow. Yet, you cannot solve all the problems at once.

You have to pick and choose and the Gambians, as you said in one interview are ‘a little too impatient’. But, you will agree with me that their impatience is genuine as they suffered for far too long and simply want to reclaim their dignity.


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What is the way forward? For me, it is dialogue. Mr President, your government should initiate a national debate. It is said that two good heads are better than one, I would venture to go further and say that a million good heads are better than one.

The people in government alone cannot solve all the problems so they have to consult widely.

There is always two sides to a coin. Once your government wants to do something, you can only view its advantages and disadvantages from a government points of view.


Unless you engage the general public through various means to seek their opinion, people will always see loopholes in whatever you do.


Of course, you cannot satisfy everyone, but if consultations are done, and I mean wide consultations, you can always have a base on which you rely to make certain decisions.

Mr President, people like to see that they have had a say in whatever is being done for them and on their behalf. This is why you need this consultation.

This is the reason why we have repeatedly called for a development blueprint, a roadmap if you like. With this, we, the ordinary people, will know where you are heading and will be able to contribute our quota in terms of ideas, suggestions and thoughts. This is the way forward.


Have a good day Mr President.

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