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NIA 8 trial judge, lawyers visit torture chambers

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By Omar Bah

The lawyers and the judge in the trial of former NIA officers accused of killing opposition activist Solo Sandeng have visited the country’s State Intelligence Service headquarters in Banjul, formerly NIA, where the activist was known to have spent his last days.
The team went to see the sites that were mentioned in the trial during the testimonies of their 19 witnesses.
Kumba Sillah Camara, the High Court judge who is adjudicating in the case, was led by three different witnesses to the first place where the late Sandeng and others were first interrogated.

The judge and the lawyers were also led to the infamous Bambadinka, a notorious spot for horrendous torture of inmates where Sandeng and his colleagues were taken.
The three witnesses had already given evidence before the court during the course of the trial.
The court is going back to the site today, July 4, to continue the tour and it will go to Tanji next week where Sandeng was buried.
Sandeng was reportedly buried in an unmarked grave in Tanji following his death from torture at the NIA.

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