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Samusa says cabinet reshuffle timely

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By Kaddy Jawo

Nominated national assembly member Majanko Samusa has described the recent cabinet reshuffle by President Barrow as the right move, adding that it is always right to take a bold move if things are about to go the wrong direction.

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Speaking at the national assembly recently, Samusa further disclosed that the move was ”unprecedented” because for the first time a sitting president has fired four ministers on the spot, including the vice president.
“I thank you very much President Adama Barrow for taking the bull by the horn and doing what is right by appointing people who can help in making things better because you cannot employ people for 18 good months without performing and continue to keep them,” he said.

Samusa said the general reaction by Gambians to the changes is good and people are proud of the President’s decision as it is a clear manifestation that the government is ready for change.
Samusa commended his fellow lawmakers for their objective stance on national issues.
“There is no political affiliation in the National Assembly when it comes to national interest and I commend that,” he told his colleagues.

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