‘No to tribalism’ group draws hundreds


By Lamin Cham

A recently formed organization called ‘No to tribalism’ has attracted hundreds of members from home and the diaspora. The group, led by Modou Touray from Brikama, sprang up in June and immediately tasked itself to promote dialogue and reconciliation among Gambians who might have been divided on tribal lines during the recent political impasse and the election preceding it.

“We felt there is a very important need to get all Gambians to understand that politics is only a means of choosing one’s leaders based on their ideas and policies and not which tribe they belong to or region they come from,” Mr Touray told The Standard . He further disclosed that they have used a WhatsApp group and a weekly radio programme on Brikama FMB to reach Gambians who have responded massively by joining and contributing to the spirit and objectives of the group.


“We only started in June but our membership is running into hundreds of Gambians at home and abroad,” Touray said.
Mrs Sarjo Darboe of Bakau Newtown also said the group’s membership comprises all tribes and languages all of whom talk to each other about the need for all to come together as one Gambian family.
One of the forum followers in Sweden said the group’s sudden popularity is a giant step towards reconciling people.

The organisation is very much present physically in the Gambia and abroad.
The executive members are: Modou Touray-President, Madame Sarjo Darboe-Vice president, Yaya Jatta-Secretary General, while other members include Manneh Wally, Bamba Mass Hardcore, Saikou Jammeh-adviser and Adama Nyassi, Diasporan representative.