NPP continues to take from opponents: Can it cause an upset in 2021?


The nascent NPP of President Adama Barrow is clearly metamorphosing fast, menacingly evolving into a formidable force just under a year before Gambians return to the polls in December next year.

Almost 20 days before it clocks one year, NPP is apparently on a political offensive, marauding opponent territories in a seeming debilitating manner.

After literally incinerating Mai Fatty’s GMC by winning the hearts of three of its executive/key members, NPP is not also showing any sign of a let-up in its ‘crusade’ to render GDC of Mamma Kandeh sterile.


Following its previous gains against GDC by drawing its top officials and rank and file, NPP this week made another major gain in its blitz on the party by securing the defection of its national chairman to its ranks.

GDC’s former national chair, Dr Demba Sabally, on Monday confirmed severing his long-standing ties with the party, committing himself to giving President Barrow and his NPP his unalloyed and unwavering support. As alluded to earlier on, GDC has before this suffered colossal damage from the NPP onslaught.

As pointed out before, GMC has become another casualty of NPP’s political tornado currently sweeping across the GDC with potential flattening effects.

If the current developments are anything to go by, there is no reason not to believe that 2021 general election will be something to watch.

Developments leading to it are indicative of a two-way race between the NPP and the main opposition UDP but to avoid this, the other parties have a lot of work at hand to prevent the narrowing down of the electoral list.

But that aside, wouldn’t it be germane to pause here and ask-will all this shifting of political goal posts eventually translate into the majority of the votes for the NPP?

What is clear though is that the ferocity of NPP assaults in enemy territories is ever growing in intensity.