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‘NRP will support Barrow to achieve second term’

By Mafugi Ceesay

The minority leader of the National Assembly Honourable Samba Jallow yesterday told The Standard that his National Reconciliation Party will be left with no option than to support President Barrow if he bids and wins the first round of the 2021 presidential election.

Honourable Jallow said his party is the only one giving hundred percent support to the Barrow administration at the moment and will continue to do that in the near future.

He indicated that the smooth relationship between his party and President Barrow did not start in the presidency of Barrow but went way back.

He explained: “I want to believe that no single party can win elections outright when the new constitution brings back absolute majority election system.

So I am expecting a coalition government to continue governing Gambia just like Senegal.

So in this context I cannot rule out NRP supporting Barrow in achieving his second term in office, unless if he (Barrow) was over taken by another party in the 2021 election. But if he comes first in the first round, NRP will support him.”

He went on: “I have a feeling that if Barrow fails it is the parties that formed the coalition who will take the blame.

I look at Barrow’s administration as a test to all those seven parties that came together to form a coalition, so it is the responsibility of the coalition parties to support Barrow to bring the development each of them would have wanted to bring to the nation if they were to be elected.”

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