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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Olympic House reopens


The building was closed four months ago following a bitter row between the GNOC members on one hand, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, MoYS, on the other, over governance matters. The closure virtually paralysed the GNOC whose executive officers and administrative staff were not able to access the edifice since then.

However, yesterday, the National Sports Council issued a release announcing that the bureau is reopened to all essential staff and the general public. 

The statement went on to explain that since the closure,   a series of meetings were held with the concerned stakeholders with a view to reaching a peaceful end to their long standing disputes. ”This, coupled with consideration for the difficulties that the athletes and secretariat staff of the GNOC have been going through during this period, has led to the decision to reopen the offices,” the release stated. The NSC further said it will continue to explore all avenues to work with all concerned stakeholders in order to bring about a final and an amicable end to all internal differences at the GNOC. 

“As the leadership of the country continues to safeguard, protect and promote the general welfare of the youth, particularly the athletes in this case, the NSC therefore solicits the cooperation and support of all in its quest to regularise and develop Gambian sports,” the statement concluded.


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