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Open letter to IGP Landing Kinteh

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By Dr Muhammed ‘Teks’ Tekanyi
New York, USA

It is an honour to belatedly congratulate you on your elevation as the Inspector General of Police of our nation.
A quick rundown of your illustrious carrier on announcement of your appointment as IGP sir, grew huge confidence in me towards your potential of jealously and impartiality leading the Gambia Police Force into that reputable and standard force we all quest as a people and this is further advantaged by your rich legal background and international experience in peace keeping.


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Sir, it is however worth noting that the birth of a “New Gambia” came on board a train promised of a holistic systemic reform of all sectors of our national apparatuses particularly the security sector in which your institution stands prime as being the force that deals with the daily protection of the lives and properties of the citizenry.

This as a sector, is paramount in the progressive development of our nation as it guarantees productivity through the maintenance of peace by preventing unwanted lost of lives and properties from crimes and civil disorders.

Sir, when memories of the past civil experiences from the security forces of the two previous governments is matched with the riches of your resume combined with the public commendation of your distinguished self, one will with honesty count your appointment as a blessing to the nation.

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However, recent unfolding has shown your institution’s involvement into political issues as in the calling of two opposition political party leaders for questioning in a span of four months in relation to statements they are rightly and constitutionally guaranteed to make against the state as opposition bodies and this calling believed to have been influenced by partisan calls from both within and afar has unexpectedly raised eyebrows needing your institutional review of actions.

Moreover, the reason of their calling is said to have been motivated by the claims that their statements serve as threat to national security but one must equally be bothered in knowing the classification of the malicious utterances often made by some key political party personalities including a religious leader in audios circulating in town.

Sir, I need not remind you of the police force being an important and sensitive apolitical institution of our government nor will I indulge into the effects of a police state on its citizens but experience should tell us that we must not and should not ply a return home.

For the experiences of your predecessors is enough a review course for your professional guidance as IGP in avoiding the repeat of what “New Gambia” promised against!
And in mimicking bigger democracies as a young and growing democracy, our nation and the police in particular must endeavor to protect and not enforce the law. The two may sound similar but are very distinct in meaning, recognition of which shall serve as nutrient for our growth into the bigger and better democracy we envisage.

It will therefore be helpful for you to note that politicians often if not always are concerned about enriching their own political agendas and rarely that of the govern as a whole to which you belong as a citizen and as well serve as the head of an institution that can contribute to the fulfillment of their wishes but please be wise not to reach their goal at the cost of soiling your integrity.

For the experiences of your predecessors should and must always be your “Good morning” and “Goodnight” remembrance prayers if you so want history to archive your name with delight!
As they and most, has sadly traded their integrity in exchange of the riches of politicians making their faces magnetic to the ground on exposure to societal gatherings.

Hence be wise in defying the wishes of the few by jealously safeguarding the comfort of the many you serve and I including the many other least known to the public shall forever remember you and your service to the beautiful nation of The Gambia.

And do as well note with concern that you are on a very big challenge for being at the service of a nation that is gifted with the most difficult, rare and unique species of human beings on earth.
Finally sir, I am humbly extending my best wishes and prayers as you pursue the service of our motherland with sincerity!

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