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Pension scheme for politicians

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A pension scheme for politicians, especially for a former Head of State, should and must have an eligibility clause. Corrupt and brutal dictators must not be allowed to continue to suck the blood of citizens after they have left office.

In Africa, they would have been multi millionaires (billionaires) by the time they have left office, anyway.

Their greed cannot be transitioned into their retirement period.

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Instead, African Presidents should be ambitious enough to strive for the Mo Ibrahim award.

Their record on governance is an important and fundamental factor to qualify for a pension benefit.

Greed is the bane of the people of Africa from their leaders……greed whilst in office and even after!!!

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Wouldn’t it be enough for a country to be dealing with their ‘post-governance era’ of the effects of their bad and callous management of a country’s resources and the trauma of the abuses of human rights?

Perhaps it is the era of “Flight of Compassion” as mentioned in the previous post.

Just Thinking Aloud

Lamin Lang Coma


The deficiencies in Gambia’s development

Dear Editor,

My younger brother, Mohammed Njie,  made some glaring observations about Gambians that impede our national development. I found this to be a false diagnosis of the Gambian ailment. Well-articulated.

The deficiencies in national development in The Gambia can be attributed, at least in part, to certain negative individual traits and behaviuors that hinder progress. It is essential for us, as Gambians, to recognize these issues and work towards personal growth and positive change. By addressing these individual personality traits, we can collectively contribute to the development of our nation.

Firstly, we need to foster a culture of support and collaboration. Instead of finding faults in each other’s businesses, let’s shift our mindset to one of offering constructive solutions. By supporting Gambian businesses and investing in new ventures, we can create opportunities for young entrepreneurs and contribute to economic growth.

Secondly, let’s strive to be more inclusive and supportive of our youth. Rather than dismissing them as unemployable, let’s invest in their education and provide them with the necessary training and mentorship. By empowering our young people, we can tap into their potential and bridge the skills gap, ultimately contributing to a more capable workforce.

Thirdly, it’s crucial to cultivate a sense of unity and solidarity among Gambians. Instead of backbiting and gossiping about one another, let’s promote a culture of respect and collaboration. Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of our fellow citizens, regardless of their field, can help foster a sense of pride and unity within our nation.

Moreover, it is important to develop a mindset of honesty and integrity. Rather than shying away from speaking truth to power, let’s seize opportunities to address issues openly and constructively. By holding ourselves accountable and actively engaging in dialogue, we can contribute to a more transparent and accountable society.

Additionally, let’s actively participate in social advancement events beyond entertainment-focused gatherings. By engaging in discussions and initiatives related to education, entrepreneurship, and community development, we can collectively work towards the progress of our nation.

Furthermore, we should embrace a mindset of collaboration and cooperation. Instead of competing with each other, let’s seek opportunities to invest in successful Gambian businesses. By supporting established ventures, we can foster a thriving business ecosystem that benefits the entire community.

Lastly, let’s shift our focus from personal advancement to holistic national development. By actively seeking opportunities to contribute to the betterment of society as a whole, we can create an environment that values progress over individual gains.

In conclusion, addressing the deficiencies in national development in The Gambia requires collective efforts to address negative individual traits and behaviours. By fostering support, inclusivity, unity, honesty, active participation, collaboration, and a focus on holistic development, we can contribute to a stronger and more prosperous nation. It starts with each of us recognizing our role in shaping the future of The Gambia and committing to personal growth and positive change.

Nyang Njie, Banjul  

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