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The untold realities of life Parts 3 & 4

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By Batou Saidy

My sailing in the ocean of unspoken life realities is on a bandwagon. Your readership is keeping it alive and active, making it fine and dandy. You’ve probably been craving for this part. Anyway, it’s come your way. Sail with me. Let’s start from Jambai Farangbulu, all the way to Lambai Moribolong. Let’s explore these things. Let’s expedite them.


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Hard work pays off than intelligence

Intelligence is a random gift randomly endowed to random people. It’s priceless. It’s special. But ironically, hard work comes from our very selves. And in most cases, people that aren’t that intelligent but hardworking likely go on to succeed more than those that are intelligent but not hardworking. Hard work is a route to success. In contrast, raw IQ isn’t enough to guarantee anyone success. One needs hard work and maybe some degree of motivation and luck to actually succeed.


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Good luck is better than hard work

Working hard is a safe option to hit success. It pays off. It doesn’t betray. But with all that, good luck is better than it. You might be so hardworking than your friends or your brothers, and maybe in just a jiffy, a great opportunity presents itself to them, they grab that and register success. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t hardworking, it’s just that they’re more fortunate than you. Do you know why? He’s got the good luck that you didn’t get, and that good luck is better than your hard work. Simple.


A good ending is better than a good starting

Life is a rollercoaster. It has ups and downs, highs and lows, thins and thicks. Sometimes, it becomes otherwise. You see people having a very good start in life, going fine, going alright, and eventually, that fine life turns its head upside down on them. You also see others having a bad start in life, in dismay circumstances, on dismal income, and some time later; things change for good. Oops, things change for better, I mean. If the former can’t be avoided for instance, and there has to be choosing between the two, many would prefer the latter. Who doesn’t wanna finish finely?

Certainly, a good ending is better than a good starting. This is the reason Mandinkas don’t forget it in their prayers. A good ending.


Science says that the most beautiful human on earth is a woman

Golden Ratio is the unit used to calculate a person’s beauty. Taking it as a reference and viewpoint, perfection is very close to 1.6, which means a beautiful person’s face is about 1 1/2 times longer than it is wide. And that said lady is just 0.3% shy of that target. Incredible. Isn’t it?


The eyes are always right

The eyes do not lie. When I say that, I don’t mean verbally, rather emotionally. A person’s mood is expressed in their eyes. The activities going on in their mind are displayed in their eyes. If they’re happy and wanna fake a sad smile, the eyes betray them. They manifest the happiness that’s in the mind. Vice versa. Likewise, if one is lying to you about something, the eyes don’t accord with the mouth where the shit comes from. Can you hide anger in your eyes? The eyes are always right.


What starts with a ‘hello’ can end with a marriage proposal

Sometimes, you never know. You can meet a complete stranger, a relative, a fellow student et cetera, and converse with them for the very first time. That conversation may get pregnant and give birth to a marriage proposal. And oftentimes it all starts with a hello. Such is life.

My coveted expedition of life realities is on the soar. As usual, I’d board at Jambai and sail with my readership all the way to Lambai Moribolong, intermittently harboring at varied junctures of interests and relevance. I don’t wanna cage you in misunderstanding, actually. If you don’t understand what I mean, don’t worry, okay. This is what I actually wanna tell you. Come with me.


What leads to a marriage matters a lot

Where your relationship starts from, the manner in which you get married, matters a lot. It matters a lot because it largely

shapes how you’d gonna be as a couple. If you find your partner in a nightclub, anytime they stay late in town, you might be tempted to think that they’d be in a nightclub with others, just as they were once there with you. If you’d have to have an offside kid, a child born out of wedlock, with your partner before you get married, anytime they go far away from you, you might be tempted to believe that they’re having a fling outside.

On the contrary, if you’d paid a dowry for your wife, follow the right protocols, wed her and find out that she’s in tact in the undies; that respect would always be there. Honestly, what leads to a marriage matters a lot.


Things given in kind last longer

We may receive gifts, promises and surprises from friends and family, coworkers or other people. Although we all crave for money – cash – but certainly, those that come in kind last longer. You may still have the ring, cap, necklace, clothes, boots among many other items someone gave you; whereas the monies they’ve probably given you are used and finished. This is it. Things given in kind last longer.


Blood is thicker than water if blood remains blood

This caption is clichéd. It’s so-called. People often mistake it. Yes, there’s no one like a family member, bu t only if a family member remains being what they’re; only if they understand, support and respect that blood relationship. If they on the contrary stab you in the back or plan your downfall, they’re ruining and throwing that blood relationship into the mud. And if a friend, partner or other people help you and wanna see you succeed, unlike your family members, then start believing that blood isn’t thicker than water. After all, water is also part of blood.


Men hardly get the women they suffer on

I’ll say this in Mandinka lingo: ‘Jaba jibongo buka kewolu beh wati.’ Oh yes, certainly. If you’ve met a girl that you’ve went all-in for, proposed her and maybe seeing her through school or through a particular program; with the hope and intention of marrying her in future, beware. No one says that most of these things don’t go as planned, but, in most cases, things mar and backfire. You must have seen or heard this. Girls will always be girls. You know that.

You may try for your relationship, but spending on her, suffering yourself to please her, or even going on to tell her that you love her more than you love your mom won’t guarantee you that she’ll marry you in return. She might be willing and her family might not. She might also change her mind later as preferences change with time.

And if that happens, who’ll take the blame? Don’t be a Niuminka. Sadly, albeit differently, most men lose their first loves. How did you lose your first love? Where’s she?


Women readily remember the bads than the goods

You might be the most loving man. You might be exceedingly caring and affectionate, too. You might’ve done everything in your ability for your wife for the sake of what’s keeping your relationship going. She’d be aware of all these and can often brag about it, but if you’d go on to have a fight with her or fall out with her; there’d come the problem. She’d have a clear memory of that particular rift and may even go on to tell you that, she’s never gotten peace in your house. How about that? Has she forgotten all the good things you’ve done for her? Selective amnesia. What peace would she talk about? Selective egocentric predicament.


Bats also menstruate

Do you know that? How funny is that? Well, bats, just like women, also menstruate. This is what Science says. This is somethingelse. Ah, wonders shall never end.

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