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PMF Mentors discuss Covid-19 crisis in Europe with former Croatia president H.E Ivo Josipović

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The former president of the Republic of Croatia, H.E Ivo Josipović was the latest guest on the PMF Mentors conversation.

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Two months since the sessions started amid the raging pandemic, PMF Mentors gauge the impact of Covid-19 on communities around the world.


The 8th session witnessed the former presidentof the Republic of Croatia, H.E Ivo Josipović who spoke on the topic “Croatia, Balkans and the EU in a global crisis”.


Speaking about the difficulties facing Europe, H.E Ivo said there is no politician who could have prevented the coronavirus. “It is very difficult for many reasons,” he said, while comparing the virus to civil wars that raged Europe in particular.


“Europeans used to have better conditions and suddenly corona happened with huge impact on economies. Croatia is affected so much because our main industry is tourism. The crisis also shows our differences in the European Union. For me this crisis sends a very clear message which is ‘we need more Europe’. We need more European common decisions and more consensus about important decisions,” he said.


H.E Ivo Josipović added that the crisis isdealt with differently in European countries which he said clearly reveals the need to be more united in decisions.

The discussions were moderated by Prof Nabhit Kapur, founder of the Peaceful Mind Foundation.


Click this link to watch the full discussion



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