According to a press statement issued by the police, Ralph Matta, a logistics assistant at the company, said “the donation was out of sheer appreciation and admiration of the way CID officers handled a case they reported to them. He said they were very impressed with the swift, efficient and professional manner the matter was handled”. 

According to reports, on Monday 2 June 2014, an employee of the company was sent to deposit US$120,190 (about four million dalasis) at the Standard Chartered Bank in Banjul. However, the employee chose to abscond with the money. When this was found out, the matter was reported to the police and an investigation was immediately mounted. CID officers of the Major Crime Unit uncovered that the accused had told the driver to return to the office to collect her ID card which she claimed to have left there. 

When the driver left, she called her boyfriend, who drove her to the border post of Giboro, Kombo East, from where she left the country. However, she took with her only US$3,000 leaving the rest with her boyfriend with instructions that she will tell him how to transfer to her the remainder of the money. 


According to the police statement, “due to the diligence and professionalism of the police, all the accomplices of the accused were arrested and all the money except the US$3,000 she absconded with was recovered”. 

The police said they believe the suspect is currently in Guinea Bissau and that they are making efforts to arrest and extradite her to face justice in The Gambia.