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The AGM was advised by the world football governing body, Fifa, in the wake of The Gambia’s disqualification and suspension by Caf and the suspension of GFF officials by the National Sports Council, NSC. Fifa had stated that government must lift the ban on the officials or risk a one-year ban.  But it also clearly advised that the GFF executive must seek the confidence of the stakeholders again through an extraordinary general meeting.

Following this Fifa advice, it was reported that a meeting between the GFF and NSC agreed that the AGM should be held on July 19.

With the proposed date approaching, The Standard yesterday contacted stakeholders on the matter. A seasoned and veteran sports leader familiar with the new GFF constitution said:  “Under normal circumstances if the AGM is to go ahead, clubs and other stakeholders should have been communicated to by now or a public statement made. But of course things aren’t normal at the GFF”.

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Moving on, The Standard accordingly contacted four clubs and regional and affiliation association officials and all of them said they have not been told about a July 19 AGM.

When GFF spokesman first president, Buba Janneh was contacted, he said the issues surrounding this matter should first be put into proper perspectives.  ‘The AGM advised by Fifa has not fixed any date  and I am not sure where the July 19 came from. What I know is that Fifa has advised the GFF to seek a fresh confidence from the stakeholders and whether you call it extraordinary or not, an annual general meeting of the GFF will be held every year.

“Our first year in office elapses on July 31 so there will be an AGM with or without Fifa’s advice because that is a constitutional requirement. The stakeholders would have the powers to reaffirm their confidence in the GFF executive or not at this AGM,” he concluded.


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