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Police questions Netty Baldeh over gun

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By Omar Bah

Netty Baldeh, an influential former APRC National Assembly member for Tumana Constituency, was last week invited by police after he was suspected of being in possession of a gun, a police source confirmed to The Standard.

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According to sources, Baldeh’s vehicle was intercepted by personnel of the Gambia Police Force who wanted to verify allegations that he was carrying a gun illegally.
Another source told The Standard that the former Tumana NAM was also questioned on allegations that he was illegally holding on to a government vehicle.

Contacted for comments, The PRO of the police Inspector Foday Conta confirmed to The Standard that Mr Baldeh was indeed invited but has since been cleared on the allegation of illegal possession of a gun.
“It was discovered that the gun was a hunting gun for which he holds all legal papers intact,” Inpector Conta said.
On allegations that Mr Baldeh is holding onto a government vehicle, PRO Conta said such a complaint was made by the government vehicle control authority and that authority is now handling the matter.

Mr Baldeh however posted on Facebook denying he was ever arrested by police in connection with any suspected offences. He blamed the whole saga on people engaged in spreading false news with a view to bringing about his downfall.

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