PURA and GSM operators


We live in a world of technology. This is the age of the Internet and computers and innovation. These provide people the fastest way to attain success and development. Everything we do has now been transformed by the computer and the Internet. Every government in the world is investing hugely in the advancement of technology.


Here in The Gambia, despite huge investment from government and other development partners, services have been lukewarm at best, for want of a better word. The government has set up the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and given it a mandate to ensure the best service delivery in the country. Yet, Gambians are not the least satisfied with the services of GSM operators and other service providers.



The Internet speed in The Gambia is terrible compared to our neighbouring countries. In fact, if one compares our Internet speed and that of other countries, one will be so disappointed. It takes one such a long time to download a small book, for example, that one would just abandon the idea entirely. The slow Internet connectivity affects every sector of society. You go to a bank, the connection is not fast enough; schools and other educational institutions suffer greatly because of the slow connection. Businessmen/women cannot conduct their businesses fast enough.


Government offices and ministries need the Internet for a lot of the work they do. How can we develop if we cannot even have a fast Internet speed? PURA should step up and ensure that the Internet service providers spend on infrastructure to ensure quality services. They are making millions of dalasis in profits; yet, they have consistently delivered poor services. Added to that is that the services are very expensive. This is unfair to the ordinary people and should be checked immediately!