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Racism is a white virus

Well, if I have ever been in conflict with the very idea I have raised yet  remained very unapologetic at least in the manner I felt over it, is the tittle of this write up.
History is constant. The stupid manifestation of assumed superiority of the “Whiteman” over the “Blackman” is even more constant.
Therefore, the conduct or suggestion of the racist French doctor for the people of Africa to be used as guinea pigs to access the effectiveness of the proposed COVID-19 vaccine should not suprise us!
Racism is a tool of suppression that, continue to receive little or no disapproval among the circle of racist societies  yet WE speak too soft about it, too apologetic!
I repeatedly heard myself say, “Racism is white, a white virus”. I accept it!  Otherwise it will amount to disassociating myself with the realities that continuously occupy my concise with practical evidence before me.
 I am not equally ready to combat this white virus through the usual   apologetic ways. I will from now on merely, remind us of what this virus is: A permanent white virus.
 I won’t accept any other description of it and it is equally for the racist to appear apologetic and not us, who are continuously abused because of our unique color.
Perchance, black people are infected with other viruses but not racism.
Moving forward; we as a People must appreciate the fact that, it wasn’t a ‘historical blunder’ when laws where drawn to justify the murder, rape and torture of Africans and some to forbid “whites” from worshiping the “White God” together with Africans, from travelling together, from marrying, eating together  and  even an offence for black people to strike, to protest against the abuses meted on them. It was not a mistake when millions were killed in Congo to satisfy the taste of Leopold II  , for him to loot the mineral of the People. Yet he is still celebrated as a hero! And let me remind you that Patrice Lumumba, who was murdered in Congo for nothing save standing true for his people is a dictator, a communist, a villain.
 It was not equally  a mistake when Kunta Kinteh and more than 12 million other black people were shipped to the colonial torture fields in the  South Americas. It was neither a mistake when our progress was interrupted, and cultures pried on. There is no side of this acrimonious experience of  black people under the  “Whiteman” that was uncalculated.
Therefore, it will not be a mistake if the so called world order breaks and they return to the old odd days.
Like it is not a mistake today, the American police is deliberately, a replacement of the Ku Klux Clan.
Sick and shameless European leaders (they never had a sense of humiliation anyway), have replaced the voices and acts of former historians and European leaders in both causing havoc in the continent while continuously expressing their “assumed” superiority over black people and Africans.
Racism is an institutionalized enterprise in that part of the world. It is in their education system, polices, governance structure, and social organisation. White children are still been taught “black people” are living on top of tresses  together with monkeys. The Western media, only finds delight in portraying poverty, hunger, war and hard life in the continent. Google the images of black/African children today and you will be shocked by the pictures that would pop  on your screen compare to when you search for the opposite.
These deliberate settings and actions accumulate to creating the imaginative common picture that, white people across the globe hold of Africa: It is really bad out there with those animals.
Let examine this compelling “coincident” as a way of evidence of the symptoms of the white virus….
 Eurocentric historian, Hugh Trevor-Roper in 1963 said “there is only the history of the Europeans in Africa. The rest is largely darkness, like the history of pre-European, pre- Columbian America. And darkness is not a subject for history”.  It will interest you to note that, even before he exposed such magnitude of ignorance, German philosopher Friedrich Hegel did in 1830, almost in a space of a  century expressed the same ignorance when he said, ‘At this point we leave Africa, not to mention it again. For it is no historical part of the World; it has no movement or development to exhibit”.
Fast forward in 2007 and to show again, how far the white virus have infected generations of Europeans and clouded their senses… shameless French imperialist President, Nicholas Sarkozy  re-echoed just what was held to be true by both Trevor and Hegel when he said “The tragedy of Africa is that the African has not fully entered into history.’  …for thousands of years there was no ‘idea of progress’ in Africa”.
The recurrence of these statement is not coincidental. It is part of the many symptom of the white virus that they were infected with through their education systems and from within society.  It should be enough of a signal for us.
 No! I did not forget the “Trumping Man”, Donald Dumb (not a mistake) of America in his reference to Africans and Haitians (Black People) as “shitholes”. It ought to be said wholeheartedly that, Donald Dumb is the reflection of the Americans: Racists, imperialists, cunning.. etc!
So, when Ronald Reagan in a phone conversation with Nixon in 1971 referred to African Presidents as “those black monkeys from African countries…. Still uncomfortable wearing shoes” it simply depicts how true an American he is. He wasn’t saying anything bad. It is normal. He was merely repeating what is true of the racist nature of Americans.
Black Americans are today in America, racially tormented to this extent that, some now began to portray the character of “racelessness”.
Down in India, the racist and evil end of Mahatma Gandhi is less spoken about even though he has repeatedly depicted the white virus in him through his literature and speeches. To him,  Africans (black people) are “kaffirs” and Indians are “infinitely superior” to black people. He is the reflection of Indians too. So, when the Indian owner of a restaurant in The Gambia for example asked two of his young black employees to enter into a soakaway to clean it late last December, which they did and all the two died in the process… the Indian was merely expressing the sense of superiority held by this churlish bunch who delight in subjugating and exploiting young black men even in our own countries.
Yet you and I are expected to be repentant in speaking about it!
I will not talk about the Chinese- My potential experience with COVID-19 is yet to be recorded. I may need some sympathy.
The black Africans in the Arabic world are still entangled between slavery and racism. We hardly talk about it. Black people are still slaves and black women continue to serve as sex tools in that part of the world under despicable human conditions. But are we humans in the first instance?
Comparatively, the “black man” is “the black man” before all races: Nobodies.
We must understand the level of insanity and how much the white virus have infected “white societies” that lost sense of what civility was supposed to mean.
Therefore, the staggering “suggestion by the doggy French doctor for the people of Africa to be used as Guinea pigs to access the effectiveness of the proposed COVID-19 vaccine”, is one that is deeply rooted in the “reasoning” of most Europeans and to a larger extend, racists, dumb and unethical professionals in the medical filed.
So let me warn you Africans!  You will live to receive more racist remarks to be accompanied with scorning messages in the name of an “apology”.
The first and one thing that, must be abundantly clear to black people is the need to realise WE are “nobodies” to the world, and WE will remain so, until WE defined unto ourselves WHO WE ARE!
To this extend of human civilization, the most provocative and heinous of suggestions to those infected by the white virus, is to consider “black Africans” or “Black People” as humans.It will be an unbearable pain for the white supremacist to accept the ‘suggestion” that, black people are equals beings.
 Black People are not human beings, not before their white virus infected senses. This is nothing unknown to us. We simply do not care or lack the courage to confront the reality.
If you doubt me, ask Balotelli, Sadio Manneh, and the black African sportsmen proving better in the “White world”. I am referring to our brothers, the monkeys, baboons, and gorillas   in Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona and the other European teams. These African players are still been thrown bananas at as a bitter reminder of how OUR ancestors were chained in zoos in the colonial era and white kids brought to watch the monkeys that evolved so much to resemble them. WE ‘were’ monkeys, and would forever remain moneys before their eyes. It will be stupid to think the “Whiteman” will change.
However, the choice facing us today is between accepting how we are ‘considered’ or remain conscientious objectors and continuously ignore the reality of our status before the eyes of the patients of the white virus, senseless racists.
Some readers might ask how different am I? Well! Racism is a white virus. I am not… I am merely reminding us of what it is that, we may avoid been traumatised by remarks such as those of the racist French doctor.
In the face of all of this in the continent of Africa, is a leadership that have lost sense of purpose, and continuously gives reason that justifies the utterances’  of the patients of the white virus.
This is not the first instances that, theories seek to expose evil practices in the medical circle and how “vaccines” are exploited for a different damming agenda by the capitalists.
Yet we accept to be ruined by our own negligence by failing to take charge of steering our own affairs. We left onto the hands of others, our health systems, economy, sports, agricultures, education, architecture, spirituality, technology and largely all other factors of our existence. This is indeed pitiful! Except revised will remain a wreckage to our life. We are not less intelligent. We are not…!
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