Rawda urges gov’t to order Imam Touray’s executive to vacate SIC


By Amadou  Jadama

Rawdatul Majaalis, the rival faction of The Gambia Supreme Council, has called on President Adama Barrow to order Imam Muhammad Lamin Touray and his executive members to vacate now.

Rawda claims Imam Touray and his executive members continue to remain in office two years after their term expired.


Speaking to journalists on Monday, Alhaji Yusupha Darboe, Basori Calipha, a founding father of the Council now with Rawda, claimed the Islamic Council plans to hold a closed-door election in December and the president ought to intervene.

He said: “It is through unity that brought President Barrow to power; so it is his government’s responsibility to immediately give order to Imam Touray and his team not to go ahead with their planned election slated for this month.”

He said even though all the majaalis rallied behind the president during the impasse, he has since disregarded their plight.

“The president should order them to vacate because they are illegally occupying GSIC offices. They are not the only religious leaders who are educated in this country,” the Basori Caliph said.

The Imam Ratib of Baddibu Njaba Kunda, Alhaji Seedy Muctarr Jaiteh, paid homage to the founding founders of the GSIC in Alhaji Ba Yusupha Darboe, late Alhaji Soriba Cassama, late Alhaji Mamanding Kanteh, late Alhaji Morro Gikinneh, late Imam Karamo Touray, late Alhaji Omar Nyandu and others.

“If President Barrow recognises majaalis, we will also recognise him but if he fails to do so, we will not also recognise him as someone who has our interest at heart,” the Njaba Kunda Imam warned.

Imam Muhammed Kanteh, the Calipha of Sifoe, said: “All these elders who spoke here have positions on the side of Allah. We could have kept quiet but that would be disastrous. Whatever good things you can do with your words, do it.  Alhaji Yusupha Darboe used to select the leadership of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council. So why would it not be accepted if he recommended Sheriff Nano Hydara? Imam Touray and his executives are still in office because President Barrow is the one behind them but Allah is also behind us.”