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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Re:  Consul Jawara protests to Barrow against Minister Drammeh

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This former lands minister thought he knows everything, and he is always the right person in making decisions.

All Kkind of means should be made possible for government institutions to dialogue with Gambian citizens, who have the means and ready to invest in the country for the betterment of our economy. If we don’t dialogue and create that opportunities for Gambian business community to invest and for government to give them all support needed, the end result will be that the economy will still be run and managed by foreigners.

Muhammed Kanuteh

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Barrow’s greatest decision thus far is removing the dude from lands. In fact he should have been fired.

Mr Jawara, you built your wealth in a foreign country where I’m sure you enjoyed some privileges. Totally disagree with you that foreign investors should not be given land. In fact everyone should acquire land the same way we do. Buy the land.

Ndew Ceesay

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I don’t trust him, but I hope the land is allocated with conditions. Like if the promised is not fulfilled, he’ll lose the property or pay for it.

His younger brother promised us Gambia will never import tomato paste/puree when his GACH factory is ready, but we’re now importing more tomato than before. But instead of providing market for our garden women, he’s instead robbing the poor people off their natural resources.

Yaya Darboe

So Gambia we’re going to watch these people give away all our lands to whoever willing to give them some cash for their personal benefit or willing to sponsors their political party??? Our country’s future is belach I swear. Unbelievable!

Mamadou-Ousman Dabo

Re: GIA MD’s car  bought

without due process

These are some of the reasons why it would be very difficult to develop as a nation, because even 500,000 can get them very good cars, after all it is not for luxury, but making their work confortable. Government should thoroughly checked all these things. How can a few individuals be driving such expensive cars whilst we are still complaining about cost of living? Walahi, if we don’t change our attitudes, we will never go anywhere. The ministers here, drives very simple cars, and they are stronger than us economically, what are we showing off?

Lamin Bajinka

This government is not interested in fighting corruption but they will be judged by Allah on a special day when power belong to him alone. Our young people on the street are facing arrest and detention everyday while corrupt officials are moving round freely. Let’s go.

Baldeh Dawda

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