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By Tabora Bojang

An alleged member of the Islamic State ISIL execution squad who is set to be released from the Turkish prison, could be sent to the Gambia.

Aine Davies 38 nicknamed ‘Jihadi Paul’ is alleged to be part of an internal ISIL group led by Mohammed Emwazi a Kuwait born British militant believed to be the person responsible for beheading a number of captives during videos released by the terror group in 2014 to 2015.

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While Mohammed Emwazi who was also nicknamed Jihadi John was killed in an air strike, 3 other members of the group were sentenced for various offences.

Davies was captured in 2015 by the Turkish security forces in Istanbul and consequently convicted of being a senior member of the Islamic States group which he denies.

According to the Telegraph UK, Davies has now served his 7-year sentence in Turkey and the authorities are now planning to send him back to the UK in the coming days.

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There are questions why he has not been stripped of his British citizenship that could have prevented his deportation to the UK.

Davies father is from The Gambia and he was reportedly sent to the country [Gambia] by his family aged five to live with his grandmother.

He is said to spent much of his childhood in the west African country, returning to London for good at the age of 17.

Terrorism experts and politicians suggested to the Telegraph that Davies should be denied entry to the UK and sent to the Gambia instead.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, the former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, told the paper; “Based on the information we have, I am surprised that this person is simply being allowed to return to the UK.

“I would hope the Home Office will provide a transparent explanation so that the public can understand why he is being treated in a different way to other overseas terrorists. It looks as though he may be entitled to citizenship of [The] Gambia where he spent much of his childhood and undoubtedly has family.

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