Reflections on prayer and fasting


By Cynthia A.A Mahoney

The Key to the unrealized power in the church today is Prayer and Fasting. Jesus said “Through prayer and fasting the faith that moves mountains is realised into our lives.”
The power of God was realised in the early church through prayer and fasting. It was born, established, sustained and empowered through seasons of prayer and fasting. The twelve apostles who were leaders of the church in the 1st century dedicated themselves to prayer, and the ministry of the word. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the entire ‘Body of Christ’ the move of God through the Baptism of the ‘Holy Spirit’ as was experienced in 2006 during the ‘Azusa Street’ revival in Los Angeles CA? At a time like this the church needs a fresh move of God, and it can only be achieved through true repentance, obedience to the commandments of God and through prayer and fasting.

One of the greatest and most prevalent sins today is the sin of prayerlessness, because man has yielded to the temptations of the flesh. Consequently, many believers become completely powerless because of unbelief and lack of faith in God. It must grieve the heart of God to see believers go astray.


Many people struggle to pray five or ten minutes a day, because they are either in a hurry, or they use prayer as an escape mechanism. This attitude is not what is expected of a good christian. In fact, many christians are not aware of the manifestations of God these days in the world, because of spiritual blindness.
There are some believers, who have become indifferent in their personal relationship with God. Repeating the sinner’s prayer, going to church regularly, doing good works, paying tithes and offerings etc. all these do not impress God. God is more interested in the condition of our hearts where the holy spirit dwells and the obedience of His Laws and Statuts which he handed to Moses, from Mt. Sinai.

During this season of lent, it is of paramount importance to cut down on the usual things we do,especially the social aspect of our lifestyle and re-dedicate our lives to God, through proper fasting or abstinencies and prayers. It will greatly help in our relationship with God. This is part of our blessed hope in Christ.