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The renaissance of Islam part iv

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There are basically two types of Muslims in today’s world.. The first group or category of people are the one who maintain that because we have the complete Book, the Holy Quran and of course the excellent exemplar, the Acme of Creation, Seyyidinaa Muhammad (thousands of blessings be upon him) we do not stand in need of a Reformer. For such Muslims, adhering to the Kalima Shahadat, the Unity of Allah and Prophethood of Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him); the observance prayers, keeping of the fast of Ramadan; and the other religious rites is enough and there is no need for the appearance of a Reformer (Mujaddid), or the Mahdi or Promised Messiah.

Yet, there are others who do believe in the advent of the Promised Messiah and that of the Promised Mahdi, but as his advent has not taken place in accordance with their own thinking and interpretations, in their despair they have started to console themselves by saying, ‘We admit that Mahdi will not appear. What harm is there if does not appear?’ (Hadith-al-Ghashiyya, p. 343) Or those who say, ‘We admit that Mahdi may not come. This does not contradict any important belief of the people of Islam. (Iqtarabus Sa’ah, p. 147)

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As far as the first type of Muslims is concerned, they have in their ignorance neglected what the Holy Quran had already prophesied in 25:31: “O my Lord, my people indeed treated this Quran as a thing abandoned.” There is also a saying of the Holy Prophet to the effect:
“There will come a time upon the people when nothing will remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its inscription. Their mosques will be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance. Their divines will be the worst people under the sky; strife will issue from them and avert to them.”
What Exactly Is The State of The Muslims Today?

Muslims have been labeled terrorist in many parts of the world. Today, calling oneself a Muslim in particular sections of society can solicit hatred and banishment. We have groups calling themselves Islamic State, Boko Haram, HizbullAllah and many others who perpetrate heinous crimes in the name of the Holy Prophet (SAW) whereas he was referred to in the Holy Qur’an as ‘Rahmatulil Alameen’ (Mercy for the creation).
Who is not aware of the fact that everything relating to Islam has been distorted beyond recognition? The concept of God presented by the Muslims is so hideous that spontaneous praise to God has become impossible for an honest person. The Holy Prophet was a picture of the Holy Quran as reported by Hadrat Ayesha. Then it is taught that a prophet who has already passed away as clearly stated in Verse 56 Chapter 3of the Holy Quran, himself a follower of Moses (AS), will come and rejuvenate Islam in our time. This implies that the teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) have not been able to raise someone from among his followers to do the revival and his example of influence has been unable to do so.

In view of such a state of affairs, the fallacy of the first type of Muslims needs no further elucidation; particularly when we have the glad tidings given by the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be on him, regarding the appearance of Mujaddids (regenerators) and that of the advent of the Mahdi and Messiah. We read the following from the traditions of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

“Verily, God will appoint for this Ummah in the beginning of every century, those who will restore for it its faith.” (Abu Da’ood, Kitabul Fitn)
“By the One who owns my soul, it is nigh, of a certainty, that the son of Mary will appear among you. He will be a judge, he will be just; so he will break the cross (refute Christian doctrines with reason and arguments–Commentary on Bukhari by Ainee) and kill the swine (a figurative speech denoting greedy, dirty and annoying person– an abomination. Killing also is through spiritual means); and he will stop war.” (Bukhari, Vol. 1, Babo Nozooli Isa)
“It is just possible that he who lives of you might meet Jesus the son of Mary who is the Mahdi and a just judge. He will break the cross and kill the swine…” (Masnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 2, p. 411)
“The Ummah can never die which has me at one end and the Messiah, son of Mary, at the other.” (Ibn Maja, Bab Al-I’atisam Bis-Sunnah)
“What will be your condition when the son of Mary will descend among you and he will be your Imam from among yourselves.” (Bukhari, Kitabul Anbiya, Bab Nazool Isa)

The second type of Muslims have fallen prey to the same mistake in which the Jews of Jesus’ time had fallen almost 2000 years ago, when they demanded the physical descent of Elijah as was prophesied in Malachi 4:5, before their believing in Jesus as their Messiah and savior. This type of Muslim has waited for the physical descent of Isa Bin Maryam which had not taken place as they wished, hence, their despair and despondency. By not sending Elijah as promised, God has made His meaning clear when he speaks of the second advent of a person. If a physical second advent were permissible in the Divine Law, the Jews were entitled to have Elijah back among them, and until that time were quite right in condemning every claimant to Messiahship as an impostor. But the condemnation of the Jews involves condemnation for the belief that Isa Bin Maryam himself will come back. Even assuming that they were excusable for having fallen into such an error, not the slightest excuse is left for the second type of Muslims for falling into the same error again. This type of Muslims ought to have profited by their example but they are repeating the same error. Every sign that was foretold has been witnessed, but they had been looking for the Messiah in the wrong direction though at the right time. Earthquakes, plague as well as heavenly phenomena bear witness to the one fact that the advent of the Messiah is already overdue.

Hence, there is no cause of despair; rather, we should rejoice that God fulfilled His promise made in the Holy Quran:

“We Ourselves have sent down this Exhortation and most surely We will be its Guardians.” (15:10)

This Promised Messiah and Mahdi of Persian descent was the only person to lay claim to being the awaited Mahdi and Messiah. Of course, there are numerous other proofs from Islamic Literature but due to time I hope these will suffice. The Jama’at he founded is now established in more than two hundred countries in the world with a membership of over two hundred million people.

The overriding perspective of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at is its fervent belief in the peaceful teachings of Islam. The movement is an embodiment of the benevolent message of Islam, peace, universal brotherhood, and submission to the Will of God, in its pristine purity. It firmly believes in the Quranic teaching: ‘There is no compulsion in religion.’ It strongly rejects violence and terrorism in any form and for any reason. The Jama’at believes and practices the Quranic message of, ‘Reconciliation is Best.’

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at founded by him, is working around the clock to rejuvenate the true Islamic values. The Jama’at maintains that Islam is a religion of piece and that terrorism has no place in the teachings of the Holy Quran and/or the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Now that he passed away, his Khulafah are continuing the work of rejuvenation and renaissance of Islam.

May Allah grant Islam victory over all other religions!. Let us jealously protect them.

Author: Musa Bah

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