‘Reports of security threats from Jammeh loyalists false’


By Omar Bah

The press secretary at the Office of the President has refuted reports that some loyalists of former President Jammeh are posing external security threat to the Barrow administration.
President Barrow, Mrs Amie Bojang-Sissoho said, was aware of reports regarding the possible security threats to his government, “but The Gambia government is very aware of the fact that, any external force must come through our neighbouring countries or by sea.



“Our security officers are vigilant and working in close partnership with their security partners in neighbouring countries to avert any possible threats. The government wishes to reassure the general public that there is absolutely no cause for undue alarm regarding this report. President Barrow urges everyone to continue working together to maintain the country’s peace and stability.”



Closure of the Bakoteh dumpsite
The press secretary said the government of The Gambia found it necessary to intervene and avert a degenerating crisis by reopening the Bakoteh dumpsite before new disposal sites are built. Waste management, she said, is one of the top priorities of the Barrow administration. “It is important that all stakeholders work together to manage the existing situation of the Bakoteh dumpsite without further incidence,” she pleaded.


Electricity, maternal and child health
She said the government has taken steps to improve the electricity supply as The Gambia and Senegal national power companies have signed a memorandum of understanding that will strengthen energy supply in both countries.


The government, she said, respects the reproductive health and rights of women and it will promote women’s empowerment and will not revise laws that seek to promote the health wellbeing of women and children.
AU summit
She said President Barrow took part in the 29th African Union summit and spoke about harnessing the demographic dividend through investment in youths to promote gender and youth development to transform our society.


“He also supported the position to formulate policies and innovative strategies that will create jobs for Gambians, especially women and youth as well as promote integration through free trade and movement of people. President Barrow also aligned the Gambia with the AU reforms to promote good governance. The AU is challenging it member states and governments, the private sector and civil society to invest in the youth. Other highlights of the summit were preventions of child marriage and the use of new technology,” she said.
She said President Barrow has been consulting with professionals and business people on issues that will continue to advance his government’s development agenda as well as promote diplomacy on both bilateral and multilateral bases.