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Revered Caliph Sheikh Sidat visits Darsilameh Sangajorr

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The Caliph General of Darsilameh in Casamance has concluded his tour of the Sheriff settlements in Senegal and The Gambia with a visit to Darsilameh Sangajorr in Foñi Kansala, West Coast Region.

Since his reign began this year, Sheikh Sidat Sheikhna Sheikh Abba Hydara has been on the road to reconnect with his family after more than three decades away.

Having visited Mahmuda, Binako, Ummul Qura, Sunbundu, Hamdan in the last few weeks, Sheikh Sidat crossed into The Gambia on Friday for the final leg of his journey at Darsilameh Sangajorr, a small semi-island village.

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Leading the welcome was Sheikh Malaine Hydara, who is the Caliph of Darsilameh Sangajorr and a beloved of Sheikh Sidat.

Introducing the delegation to a cheerful crowd, Bunennah Hydara told the people of Darsilameh that Sheikh Sidat has come to pay homage to stellar figures who had led the village for generations.

“After spending only a month at Darsilameh {Casamance} since his arrival from France, Sheikh Sidat said he would not settle down until he goes and meets Sheikh Mahfu’s children. The Caliph greets you, Sheikh Malaine. He has gone everywhere to meet people but he is happiest here in Darsilameh,” Bunennah said on behalf of the Caliph.  

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Sheikh Amfaal Hydara, the spokesman of Sheikh Malaine Hydara, the Caliph of Darsilameh Sangajorr, welcomed the revered Sheikh and his delegation to the village.

“Your village is here. Your children are here. This is your home. Pray for us. Pray for this village. Pray for everyone here. This is history. Despite your age and the exhaustion, you took this long journey to come here. This happened because of your love for us,” Sheikh Amfaal said, on behalf of Caliph Sheikh Malaine Hydara.

Other speakers included Alhaiba Hydara, who delivered a moving speech to the Sheikh on behalf of the Ahlulbait Foundation.

On Saturday morning, Sheikh Sidat visited and offered prayers on the graves of Sheikh Hadram, Sheikh Malaine, Sheikh Abdou Samad, Sheikh Muhammad Faadil, Sheikh Muhideen, all of who lay in peace at the village.

He left in the afternoon to return to his home in Darsilameh Casamance.

Sheikh Sidat, who is well into his 90s, succeeded Sheikh Hattab Samsideen. 

He has spent all his life worshiping Allah and his status as a wali has been unquestionable. 

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