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Saine hits at Banjul mayoral aspirants

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By Alagie Manneh

APRC contender for the capital’s mayorship, Abdoulie Saine, has hit out at fellow aspirants, questioning their contributions to the Banjul’s development.
In an exclusive interview with The Standard’s Mayors Podium, the former Banjul Central NAM said most of his political rivals “know nothing about politics” and are only eyeing the mayorship to fill their pockets.

“They are just seeking money. In fact, one of them worked at the BCC before. And we haven’t seen any impact that he has brought. Where were they? What have they contributed to the welfare and development of Banjul? And the welfare of Banjul? What have they initiated? Nothing. So, how can they convince people that they are the right people for Banjul? That’s the big question,” the APRC man said.

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Asked what developments he himself has brought to the people of Banjul, Mr Saine said: “The people know me and the developments that I brought. I did not only represent Banjul Central during my time in parliament, but Banjul as a whole. My view was Banjul South and Banjul Central cannot be okay when the whole of Banjul is not okay. That is my belief. That’s why when I advocate, I always advocate for the whole of Banjul, its progress and unity.”
He defined himself as “the biggest threat” to those aspirants, brushing suggestions that he is in for a tough competition.

“I am not concerned at all [with the competition] because as a party, I have a base and based on my track record in Banjul. I believe I am the threat here, rather than them being a threat to me. And I am very confident that I will be elected as the mayor of Banjul insh’Allah.”

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