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Sandu NAM in car crash


sandu nam

Honourable Mahamadou Mahanera, the National Assembly Member for Sandu Constituency, has survived a car crash along with four others near Diabugu in URR.
According to Mahanera himself, his car somersaulted when he tried to avoid a deep pothole on the road.
“Thank God I was not driving fast and I was only panic by the screaming of the passenger beside me. All five of us have no serious injuries. Though the fifth passenger was helped by a motor cyclist, the rest of us were evacuated to Diabugu by an ambulance,” he said. The NRP NAM thanked all well-wishers who called him to find out or prayed for him. “I am overwhelmed with callers checking on me and I want to assure them all that I am perfect and in good spirit thanks to God,” he concluded.

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