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Kandeh warns corruption could undermine trust

By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh has warned President Barrow that unless something is done to stop corruption, the country risks losing international trust.
“The president’s recent donation of D10, 000 to National Assembly Members and VP Ousainu Darboe’s comments that the D4M donated by China for the flood victims in Kuntaur is still being kept in a bank as well as the First Lady’s Foundation’s D33M scandal are threats to the country’s international good image,” Kandeh told his party supporters in Jimara recently.
Mr. Kandeh also accused the Barrow government of mortgaging the Gambian sea to Senegal, China and now Europe, through finishing agreements which he said have disadvantaged Gambian fishermen.
He further said the government has offered nothing to Gambians and defended his own recent philanthropic gestures towards impoverished Gambian communities.

He said the Coalition Government has failed and that the earlier they realise that the better. “This government is all but over and the next one will be led by Mamma Kandeh,” he vowed.
Kandeh also warned the people of Fulladu against using tribes as political tools, saying Gambia belongs to all Gambians and no one tribe can claim ownership of it.
He warned the UDP supporters in Bakadaji against stopping his GDC from holding a rally at any place within village.

The GDC leader also took a swipe at Barrow, saying the Gambian leader should ask himself why the people of Jimara do not like him that much.
“Barrow is from Jimara but the first development he brought was at his home. There is no government like his administration in history. It is the only administration that could not bring a single development to its people for two years,” he said.

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