SBS to commence awareness campaign


Solution Bay Spirituality (SBS), a movement which was created in Senegal some years ago, has vowed to commence their youth awareness campaigns in The Gambia.
The organisation, whose objective was to make its contribution to the quest for the healing of the world in suffering, last February held its 4th international Islamic forum in Banjul attended by religious scholars, National Assembly Members, delegates from Europe and America.

Speaking to journalists recently at the Golden Beach Hotel, Sheikh Baba Diallo, the founder of the organisation, said Solution Bay Spirituality since its creation does not cease to act in raising awareness on challenges facing the world.
He said the movement is an international organisation with registered members from different countries across the world.

Mr Diallo said since the creation of SBS, it has a target to provide solutions to crises that affect humanity including environment and social crises. He called on the government to support the movement in its drive to create a better society that is free from violence.
Sheikh Baba Diallo further intimated that the organisation is currently working tireless to organise weeks for spiritual awareness creation for young people on the areas of peace building and climate change.
“We campaign for the protection and nurturing of peaceful coexistence among people. We want to see a world that is free from effects of climate change, terrorism, unemployment of young people, racism and intolerance.” he said.


He said there are all indications that the world is constantly endangered with the current living conditions.
Pa Dodou Samba, Chairman of SBS the Gambia, said his movement has been contributing immensely to the social development in the country ranging from tree planting, food distribution during the month of Ramadan, donating cloths to the children of disadvantaged families to donating 500 bins in the Gambia and Senegal.

Chairman of SBS Gambia Omar Dodou Mbye said it is fundamental to create people who will be standing to refurbish the planet for a user-friendlier environment. “It must first build men of holy and benevolent stature before building the institutions so that they can administer these institutions with dignity.”
Secretary General Awa Secka-Sarge said Solution Bay Spiritual was created in July 2014 as an international movement that advocates spirituality and fight against the ills of mankind. “Spiritual is a personal experience for each individual to flourish and live in a positive way.”