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For the past months, it has been one of the trending topics on the lips of Gambians. The issue of security is seen by many as worrisome. Hearing and seeing the daily or weekly criminal activities taking place in our country has made many believe that we are not safe as a country. It is becoming normal to hear about the murdering, raping or robbing of people by certain unscrupulous individuals.

Worst, these people who are engaged in these dishonorable actions go scot-free in most cases. This is undoubtedly threatening the peace and stability the country has ever been known for to say the least. This is unacceptable and needs to stop. Peace needs not to be negotiated.

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Democracy is juicy if the peace and the stability is uncompromised. ‘Without peace and stability you can’t achieved anything anywhere in Africa,’ even former president Yahya Jammeh said while conceding defeat on national television. Therefore, the government has a great responsibility in ensuring that the lives of its citizens are protected to the letter. This requires the government to put in mechanisms to strengthen the capacity of the police force to address issues of security. The police, who are key in maintaining peace and stability within the corners of country, have been for too long left unnoticed by the government.

It is high time we graduated from that era of killing, raping and murdering and concentrate on building the nation for the betterment and advancement of all and sundry. The Gambia is blessed and its people will work if provided with the necessary environment.

The government needs to stand on its feet to address the issue of security sooner than later. Only then will every other thing follow.

We all have a role to play as citizens to ensure that the security of this nation is upheld and unshakable.

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