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Seedy Njie: I support Barrow 100%

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In a surprising turn of events, APRC spokesperson Seedy Njie has revealed that he “100% supports the presidency of President Adama Barrow.”
Njie and his opposition party have for long been one of the fiercest critics of the Barrow government.

But in an exclusive with The Standard yesterday, reacting after The Gambia secured some 1.45 billion Euros from the EU to plug the financial deficit in the country’s National Development Plan, Mr Njie surprisingly said in his ‘heart’, he has always supported the presidency of Adama Barrow, leaving many Gambians astonished. “…And I will always support him and do whatever it takes… he is the president of the Republic. I am with him 100%. He is my brother and he has my one billion support,” he said.

The APRC man said his support for Barrow is not sudden, and hailed his “milestone achievement” in securing millions from the EU to aid The Gambia’s developmental priorities.
“I want to commend him for that,” he said, “it is unprecedented in the history of The Gambia. It is a huge achievement for the country. And I hope that Allah will grant us the opportunity to realise the fulfillment of those pledges that will undoubtedly transform the life of every Gambian.

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“As a citizen, I want to commend President Barrow for this achievement. I foresee a Gambia in the next three years, that will undoubtedly give President Barrow a giant leap in fulfilling the social contract he has with the Gambian people.”

Mr Njie said despite party affiliation, his wish is for Barrow to succeed.
“You support him, you don’t support him, when he succeeds, every Gambian benefits. So, for me, I wouldn’t want to be naïve and accuse them of corruption while the fund has not even come.”
Reacting to this development, a political observer in Bakau said: “This baffles me.

Njie is probably the last person I expect to give this so much support to the president and his plans. Well, I guess this is politics.”
Meanwhile, Mr Njie used the interview to lavish praises on the President, after announcing that he will donate 10% of his salary to the NDP.
And Seedy Njie commented: “I think that’s quite commendable.”

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