Serekunda police summon DJ Kepz over Eff Tee, Sarra Camara affair


DJ Kepz made a Facebook posting accusing the manager of Star FM radio Sarra Camara of abusing girls working for his radio including ‘Team Gambia’ founder Eff Tee Trawally. He further threatened to reveal more details about what led to the exit of many girls who once worked at the radio with Sarra Camara with particular emphasis on Eff Tee.

The posting received mixed reaction from the controversial DJ’s friends with entreaties to remove it citing social repercussions while others lauded his courage for writing the truth about Sarra Camara.

In an interview with The Standard over the issue, DJ Kepz said the issue was amicably solved at the police station. “I removed the postings not because of threats from Eff Tee or anybody but the intervention of people whom I respect in the media. They pleaded with me and I had to do it out of respect for them. I am a journalist who writes only about the truth and I am not afraid of anything.” 


According to reliable sources, Sarra Camara and DJ Kepz have had a longstanding hostility after his show at Star FM was stopped when he had a studio brawl with popular singer Nova. The artiste was taken to court but the case fizzled out and DJ Kepz accused Sarra Camara of partiality in favour of Nova.