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Sittanunku Diaspora Youth donates to local community, seeks more support

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As communities across The Gambia struggle to cope with challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic, the youth of Sittanunku village residing in the diaspora have donated food items and hygienic materials to the vulnerable households of the village in the North Bank Region.

Some native youth of the village most of whom risked their lives through the “backway” and now reside in the diaspora contributed to support families while also promoting healthy hygienic practices for members of the community.
The support primarily targeted the most vulnerable members of the village. In fact, immediate families and households of all those who contributed were excluded as beneficiaries of the food item donation. The sanitary materials and containers are stationed at strategic positions across the village.

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The donation is in response to both national and international calls for people to STAY AT HOME and STAY SAFE in order to help mitigate the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.
However, the food items were not enough for all the vulnerable households in the village. Therefore, further support is being sought from individuals and organizations to extend the support to more vulnerable families in Sittanunku village. Anyone who wishes to support this cause can contact the chairperson of Jerreh Sittanunku Development Association on +220 3925138.

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