Standard vendors receive Covid funds


By Alagie Manneh

Vendors of The Standard newspaper last week converged at the offices of the Bakau-based medium to receive D18,000 including face masks and hand sanitisers.

The money forms part of a 15 million dalasis Covid-19 media support grant given  by government. The aim was to help media houses pay staff salaries in a Covid-induced pandemic and other operational expenses.


At least 16 vendors received The Standard’s support.

Addressing the vendors, Standard proprietor Sheriff Bojang, said: “The money is from government of The Gambia who classified the media as frontline workers in a pandemic, but we thought it should not just be us [reporters, editors and production staff] who benefit. We thought even though you [newspaper vendors] are not members of staff, you are frontliners, too, who are out there selling the paper, touching people and stuff. That’s why we called you here today to give you a token of the money.”

He used the occasion to thank the vendors for all the years they have been with The Standard, telling them “Our doors are always opened. Do not hesitate to come to us for assistance when you have issues”.

The general manager of The Standard, Mr Salla Jeng, enjoined the vendors to make use of the donated materials. “We did not give you these materials to just place them aside; we want you to make a habit of wearing the masks and applying the sanitisers more often.”

He also thanked the vendors for their selfless service, and said he recognised theirs is “no easy job”.  

“We really appreciate you,” the general manager added.

One of the vendors thanked the company for the gesture. He disclosed that it was not the first time he personally became a beneficiary of The Gambia’s biggest daily’s gesture.