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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Sukuta gets biogas plant

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The people of Sukuta will from tomorrow be able to recycle wet wastage into energy for cooking among other things.

The innovative scheme will be unveiled at the town’s health center and will serve as both a pilot and sample unit that will promote the initiative across the country.
The plant works by turning wastage from kitchen, such as vegetable and other wastage into renewable energy that is cleaner and healthier to use as energy for cooking and on a wider scale, producing electricity.

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The facility will be handed over to the community by the Indian owned firms Parbjani Agrotech PVT, and its local and Ecowas partners TRISP Africa with technical assistance from Urja bio system PVT.

Experts said the technology now means that all waste from kitchens, markets, chicken drops et cetera can all be recycled to produce energy for electricity and domestic use.
‚ÄúThis will eliminate the risk of exposure to smoke from firewood and save the forest as well as create fertiliser to grow food again,” said Pikou Punjab, director of TRISP Africa.
Wednesday’s demonstration of the plant in Sukuta will be attended by community and government officials.

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