Sycophancy is a political illness


By Muhammed Teks Tekanyi

Thousands of miles away from home, I see the exponential melting of the once most euphoric “New Gambia” with the gradual settling of the famous Dec 1st dust transiting numerous into the zone many like me belong resulting to our thought of it never being a “New Gambia” but a “Peter” rebaptize “Peterson” to ice the cake.
Yes, the land where free speech is separated from his parents’ democracy and the rule of law!
And I’m sadden to see many unfortunately being anorexic to truth and addicted to falsehood despite the syndromic wasting of integrity just because of sycophancy.

They shamelessly called it a “trash” and ungratefully chose to be amnesic of all the results it brought – THE ONCE MIGHTY MOU!
Many asked “was there a coalition” but I’m bothered to ask “is there a coalition” (my jovial yet strict Salone English teacher – Mr Alieu Mansaray, can be of help to spot the difference if he sees this).


Sycophancy is indeed a political illness and not only a supporting machine for it characteristically thwarts the mind, blurs the sight and colonises the mouth giving a resultant and static thought, vision and voice that everything coming from within the box is right with as well periodic episodes of aggression on anyone that sees, thinks or speaks outside the box.

Many of the “outside of the box” thinkers are hallucinated by the sycophants as enemies of progress on sight or hear as hypocrites on speaking like the mind struggling the battle of schizophrenia.
What an illness!
Yet in Peterson, I’ve seen and heard civil servants willing and joyfully dismissed from their professional jobs simply because of their natural belonging with the usual people calling it a “good move” and surnamed them enablers.

It is in Peterson again that we see and hear innovative models of the words torture, corruption, hypocrisy, hatred manipulatively applied on any subject that aches the “ship of Noah” on a collective cause for betterment.
And in the same Peterson comfort is taken by the many out of thoughts in asking a speaker why he/she was quiet in the past if there is anything truth in the questioning but never what he/she is speaking about.

To which some either called them the speakers loyalist of the former head or haters of the current belly but never bother to know that they are themselves patients admitted at the Sycophancy Teaching Hospital (please do not look for the address because it’s without location).

However, it is interesting to know that many of my good friends drink and bath the most expensive commodity in the market at Peterson today “Democracy” but still struggle hard daily to understand what it means.
In that land today, demonstrators are called rebels, unpatriotic citizens, rude fellows, foreigners just to name a few.

Yes, because it is the country where you can eat chicken yesterday and call it crab today because of relocation to the seaside.
And following the most recent one by the drivers yesterday, I wasn’t surprised with the responses from the same people but bothered.


Sycophancy is truly an illness!
One thing many by majority sycophants are though missing or not thinking about and calling a “one dalasi rek” reduction is that these same drivers also have responsibilities like us that goes beyond only the money they make for the car owners.

Thus needing remembrance that they also have families to feed, children to school, healthcare to pay for, utility bills to settle, maintenance cost to meet, etc which all come from where the “one dalasi rek” is been reduced but do we rhetorically think of reducing “one dalasi rek” from the cost of medications, the cost of electricity and water, the cost of fish and cooking oil, the cost of advertisement on the radios and TVs, the cost of hair dressing, the sewing cost and above all the cost of salaries, per diems, air tickets for civil servants because the fuel has reduced?

Please slowdown to not get me wrong because I lived with drivers, was there as a passenger and as well a driver hence tasted all the dishes.
You may not agree because it is Peterson but the decisions under my eyes and that of many others are populist ones like the “Islamic state”, “the head tie” etc during Peter and the labelling of oppositions with communism ideologies, beating of others to silent them etc of McPeter which are only meant to increase the popularity of politicians while further blinding the electorates

Sure in Peterson, it is normal for opposition leaders to be called for questioning by people that are no more going to the farms but are farming in the offices unrealised while some sultans in Peterson continue to foul the breathing space without an eyebrow raised!

And interestingly, in Peterson, the political illness of sycophancy is celebrated as heroism, the “glued hands” shake with and the “stained mouths” from what was labelled as illicit seen as a lipstick on mouths that exit bellies full of ill.