Tanji Village Festival slated for weekend


He explained: “During the festiva, you can meet the diverse ethnic groups who are living and working in Tanji. It is a festival for and by the people of Tanji. Mandika, Jola, Fula, and Serer ethnic groups will be showcasing their traditions and culture at the festival. The objective of the festival is to give support to the realisation of a labour ward at the Tanji health Facility.”

Touray said the festival will start on Friday 21st March 2014 at a beach near Sitokoto Restaurant where different tribes will showcase their rich culture with a continuation of the performance in evening at the Tanji community centre where bands including Papa Africa from Salanding, Kapuwera Group and Band de Mbamuslu from Kafountine, Casamance among others will also perform.

On Saturday, there will be a performance of traditional women comedians, ‘kankurang’ and circumcision dance, ‘ kumpo’, Fula bride ceremony and wrestling by the serere group as well as the Otika Group from Sukuta.” He appealed for a large turn out as proceeds from the festival will be used for community development.



Author: Sainey MK Marenah